Mission Strategies

Strategic Plan, Thammasat University Vol.12 (Year 2017-2021)

The key elements are as follows:


            “Leadership through World-Class Education and Research”


            1. To provide educational services, disseminate knowledge, and support the development of high-level profession

            2. To develop practical research and explicit knowledge

            3. To provide academic services and professional skills to society

            4. To maintain and promote aspects of culture, religion, morality and local wisdom to support the development of Moral and Political Sciences



Core Value

            “Excellence, Morality, and Social Engagement”

Policy Objectives   

            1.To be the University of the People, the Research University and the International University

            2. To be within Top 400 universities in world ranking and Top 80 universities in Asia ranking.

            3. To focus on the increases in Qualitative Development, and less in Quantitative Development.

Development Strategies for Driven Force

      3 Create: 1. Excellent Graduates 2. Excellent Research and 3.Collaborative Networks

      2 Focus : 1. Top Quality in Academic and Health Services

                      2. Long-term Stabilization and the Sustainability


Strategy 1 : Creating graduates with GREATS quality

Objectives : GREATS quality will make graduates to be equipped with the entrepreneurial skills and language proficiency, which are acquired via the active learning and life-long learning process


            1.1 Improve teaching faculty to have skills in stimulating students’ development of attitudes and self-attitude while they are inside and outside classrooms.

            1.2 Develop curriculums and teaching procedures that promote Life Long Learning at the international standard.

            1.3 Develop system and mechanism to support the Active Learning procedures.

            1.4 Conduct activities to support programs so that students can simulate real life practice and are able to adapt for real life in the benefits of society.

            1.5 Follow up on GREATS quality via students’ performance.

Strategy 2 : Developing Research and Innovation that can lead to the betterment of Thai society and the Global community.

Objectives : To develop the world-class standard Research and Innovation, and to utilize them with integration and sustainability.


            2.1 Support the development of cutting-edge Research and Innovation in compliance with government policy (Thailand 4.0 model) in solving the national challenges including ;

               1) Democracy

               2) Policy Recommendation

               3) Energy & environment

               4) Health, Wellness & Bio-Med, Medical Technology

               5) Food Agriculture & Bio-Tech

               6) Mechatronics, Intelligent Robots, Electronics Control Systems Engineering

               7) Digital, Internet of Things & Convergence

               8) Creativity, Cultural Standard, High Value Services

            2.2 Integrate Research and Multidisciplinary Innovation with the emphasis on the participatory research in order to gain commercial benefit and along with solving country’s challenges.

            2.3 Develop Research clusters and Excellence Centers in areas of university’s expertise/specialty, in order to turn Thammasat University to be the Research Hub.

            2.4 Develop an effective and sustainable management for Research and Innovation.

Strategy 3 : Developing collaborative networks domestically and internationally.

Objectives : To promote the collaborations on Academic, Research, and Innovation domestically & internationally, at both individual and institutional levels.


            3.1 Create collaboration networks of research with Top Global and International universities

            3.2 Create collaborative networks on Academic aspect with Top Global International universities

            3.3 Create collaboration networks in Academics within university units and with outside partnership, in order to create a strong academic and research foundation and/or to disseminate knowledge to society and local community.

            3.4 Support university’s faculty to play an important role in Professional Associations to assist in policy making in National or International levels.

Strategy 4 : Focusing on the Quality of Healthcare’s services and Academic services to International standard

Objectives : 1. To provide variety of Academic Services to serve society with quality.

                    2. To provide excellent Healthcare Services in treating, preventing, and rehabilizing for people, in following with the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) standard


            4.1 Support the Integration and Sustainability of Academic and Health Service, Research, and Innovation to serve society.

            4.2 Create the value added, Public Relation, and Marketing on Academic and Health services.

            4.3 Encourage the Creation of Clinical Centers of Excellence that serves the need of the country.

           4.4 Develop and Improve Healthcare services to be modernized and solve country’s problems. Strategy 5 : Aiming for the Life-long Stabilization and the Sustainability through the modern management.

Objectives : To develop work flow system and personnel competency in order to get them ready for changes for sustainability.


            5.1 Use Technology as an important tool in operation and development to be more effective.

            5.2 Develop continued personnel’s Competency.

            5.3 Develop the Smooth and Effective Management procedures.

            5.4 Create the self-reliance by generating incomes though the managing of assets.

            5.5 Create the mechanism that maintains and sustains the environment.

            5.6 Create the reputable branding, but still maintain the Thammasat identities.

            5.7 Promote and support the Thai ways of art, culture heritage and traditions.

Five Active Strategies

      1. Create new graduates with GREATS quality, Competence of Entrepreneurial skills, and 3 Languages Proficiency.

      2. Create new Research and Innovation that conform to the Government Policy and Thailand 4.0 model, on both national and international areas. Research Subjects include:

            1) Democracy

            2) Policy Recommendation

            3) Energy & environment

            4) Health, Wellness & Bio-Med, Medical Technology

            5) Food Agriculture & Bio-Tech

            6) Mechatronics, Intelligent Robots, Electronics Control Systems Engineering

            7) Digital, Internet of Things & Convergence

            8) Creativity, Cultural Standard, High Value Services

      3. Build the Collaborative Network of Three Co-institutions (Thammasat University, National Science and Technology Development Agency : NSTDA, and AIT) to create the entrepreneurship under the “NEXT (New Entrepreneurial Exchange and Transfer)” project in order to build the STARTUP DISTRICT and develop to be the Entrepreneur University

      4. Establish the Clinical Center of Excellence and Community based to disseminate knowledge to society. For example

            4.1 Center of Excellence in Cardiovascular Metabolic

            4.2 Improving the Quality of Life for the Aging Society

            4.3 Community Based

      5. Focus on Self-Reliance and effective Management by

            5.1 Increasing revenue.

            5.2 Promoting the effectiveness in management.

            5.3 Getting connected with entire database system.