International Programs

Undergraduate: Degree

•   The Combined Bachelor and Master of Political Sciences Program

     in Politics and International Relation - BMIR (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)

•    Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)

•    Bachelor of Economics - BE (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)

•    Bachelor of Arts in Business English Communication - BEC (Study @ Rangsit Campus)

•    Bachelor’s Degree in British and American Studies - BAS (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Science and Technology - SIIT (Study @ Rangsit Campus)

•    Double degree of Engineering - Twinning Engineering Programme (TEP) (Study @ Rangsit Campus)

•    Bachelor degree of Engineering - Thammasat English Programme of Engineering (TEPE) (Study @ Rangsit Campus)

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (Mass Media Studies) - BJM (Study @ Rangsit Campus)

•    Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)

•    Bachelor of Arts in Social Policy and Development – SPD

•    Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship (GSSE)  (Study @ Rangsit Campus)

Undergraduate: non-degree
•    Graduate Diploma Program in English for Careers(Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Thai Studies - TS
•    Thai Language (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)

•    Master/Doctoral in English Language Studies (Master, Ph.D.) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Doctoral Program in Business (DPB) (Ph.D.)(Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Business Administration – JDBA (Joint Doctoral Program) (Ph.D.) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Engineering Science and Technology - SIIT (Ph.D., Master) (Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    English as a Foreign Language (Master, Diploma) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    English for Career (Master, Diploma) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Finance - MIF (Master) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Marketing - MIM (Master) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Graduate Studies in Biomedical Science (Ph.D., Master) (Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    Graduate Studies in Economics (Ph.D., Master) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    International Business Administration - IMBA (Master) (Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    International Relations - MIR (Master) (Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•    Oral Health Science (Ph.D.) (Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    Statistics (Ph.D.) (Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences (M.Sc. & Ph.D.)(Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    Master’s Degree of Public Health (MPH)(Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    Master of Laws Program(Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)
•     Master of Science Program in Service Innovation (MSI)(Study @ Tha Prachan Campus)

•    Master’s Degree of Public Health in Global Health (MPH-GH)  (Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    Master of Science Program in Occupational and Environmental Health (International Program)  (Study @ Rangsit Campus)
•    Doctor of Philosophy Program in Occupational and Environmental Health (International Program)  (Study @ Rangsit Campus)