Wheel of Dharma, Dome Building, University Colors, University Tree
‘Dharmacakra’ Wheel of Dharma

Since its inception, there have been several designs of the university emblem, both officially and non-officially. All of them, however, reflect the university's philosophy and aim to create a new citizenry equipped for the democratic system. Incorporating the Wheel of Dharma into the Thammasat emblem was done at the suggestion of Dr. Pridi Banomyong in 1936. It symbolizes Thammasat’s commitment to nurturing its students within a Buddhist doctrine. The Constitution Tray signifies the university's philosophy to uphold the country's constitution and democracy.
The symbolic building of Thammasat University is the Dome, the founding building on Tha Phra Chan campus. It was constructed from four existing military buildings. The Dome housed Pridi Banomyong's office as well as the command center of the Free Thai Movement during the Second World War. Today, the Dome building houses the rector’s office as well as other university executives’ offices.

Yellow representing Dharma

Red representing blood and dedication
Royal Poinciana or flame tree (Delonix regia) has become the symbolic tree of Thammasat University since His  Majesty the King planted five flame trees in front of the main auditorium at Tha Pra Chan on February 9, 1963.