Mission Strategies

» Vision

Thammasat University is Asia's leading international academic institution that aims to solve Thailand’s problems with moral commitment for the greater good of society.

» Mission

To provide equal educational opportunity in the fields of social sciences, humanities, science and technology and health sciences. The curriculum focuses on graduate study and international programs to produce graduates who are competent, committed to fairness, democracy and the public’s interests.

To develop the knowledge necessary and useful for the country’s development with an emphasis on practical research and integrated studies.

To provide educational services and disseminate knowledge to the society focusing on academic services for sustainable development and providing opportunities for the disadvantaged in society.

To promote and support the Thai way of life, art, culture and values and to emphasize the benefits of living by the philosophy of sufficiency economy, democratic values and social justice.

To improve management efficiency based on the principles of good governance to ensure integrity, quality, efficiency, accountability, transparency and accountability, taking into account the participation of personnel as well as efficient use of resources.

» Strategies

Strategy 1:Thammasat University is internationally recognized for its academic standards.
Strategy 2:Thammasat University is the country's leading research university
Strategy 3:Thammasat University is outstanding in academic and health services.
Strategy 4:Thammasat University manages the organization with great efficiency.
Strategy 5:Thammasat University aims to foster a democratic society, art and culture.
Strategy 6:Thammasat University proposes appropriate solutions to the problems of the society.