» History Hall of Fame of the Thammasat University.

With the initiative of Prof. Dr. Surapon Nitikraipot University current and Boonchu Rojanasatian who want the university to establish a Hall of Fame. To tell the story and the history of the university. The intention in this regard is supported in a multi-party financing arrangements such as the Thammasat University Nationals. The alumni of the university and contribute. The university has appointed a committee established Hall of Fame and Museum of History. Based on April 2548 to brainstorm ideas. The guidelines. Location and layout of the exhibition was later appointed director of employment. Responsible for the construction, operation and control. "Hall of Fame in the history of the University," since November 2548 and finished the show. Grand openning from December 10, 2548.

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» Pridi Banomyong Monument Room
The Pridi Banomyong Monument room is located in the Dome building on Thammasat's Tha Prachan campus. Built in 1992 and later renovated in 2008, this room displays Dr. Pridi Banomyong's biography and his concept of "Social Science Democracy".